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As a newbie to the virtual conference world, when I was doing my research for a vendor, JoinIn was the only company that took the time to explain the different elements that make up a virtual conference and how they come together. Their team continued to be patient with me and my staff as we got up to speed on virtual conference lingo and technology. Their amazing team held our hand each step of the way and ultimately, we produced a successful program that met the needs of our audience. Thanks, JoinIn!

Deacon Georgette Forney

Anglicans for Life

JoinIn has solved a big problem for you – we bring a human element into the world of virtual events.

Brooks Parker


Don Donahue

JoinIn HQ

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You might be surprised that a fully branded, customizable virtual or hybrid experience with concierge project management starts at under $10k. We’d love to know what you’re planning next and how we can help. Start the journey today by giving us more information on your event.  

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