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Rheem came to us with a lot of questions about how to do a virtual event.

They, like many companies, had not done one and had apprehension about how a virtual event would be experienced.

Working with our team, we helped them navigate the registration process, the adjustment to content, providing creative interactive solutions in a digital mosaic social media wall, as well as a high end celebrity chef experience.

Rheem saw a high level of engagement with their audience and the feedback from their survey results were extremely positive. Using the services of both Streamline Event Agency and JoinIn, we were able to provide a great experience for Rheem and their first virtual event.


  • Viewers: 200 (private internal meeting)
  • Hours of live content: 15 
  • Unique engagement features: 
    • Integrated a live mosaic social media wall on the platform for user engagement 
  • Scope of work for each:
    • JoinIn Platform
    • 3 days of LIVE broadcast content 
    • Virtual Exhibit Hall