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Sing! Global 2020 was adapted to a complete virtual experience in eight weeks time. Sing! Global brought together attendees from across the world to nightly broadcasts of live content.

Streamline Event Agency produced the event similar in nature to a live television broadcast with over 20 hours of live content, and 300 hours of pre-recorded video on demand content.  JoinIn was the virtual platform in which the attendees registered, viewed the content and experienced the interaction of the event.

The results were outstanding, from the attendee experience to the exhibitors, we helped showcase what virtual events can accomplish.

Going forward in 2021, we anticipate that a hybrid component will be a part of the in-person live event for the foreseeable future.


  • Viewers: Over 15K viewers
  • Hours of live content: 20
  • Global Reach: 110 countries and all 52 US states and territories
  • Unique engagement features:
    • We integrated a forum board to the platform to enhance attendee interaction and featured 57+ breakouts that debuted in blocks each day throughout the conference.
  • Scope of work for each:
    • JoinIn Platform
    • 4 days of LIVE broadcast
    • 57+ Breakouts
    • Virtual Exhibit Hall featuring over 25 individual booths
    • Worldwide conference available 24/7 through on-demand